Lizzy Chiappini


The FVL grant supported my senior project by awarding me funds that allowed me to purchase materials for my time-based installation. This project titled, Even the Smallest Movement, is a sow meditation on time that questioned physical material change especially through erosion.

FVL provided funds for essential materials, or, as they should rightly be called ingredients that brought my experiments to some sort of conclusion. This meant dried lemons hanging from the ceiling, potassium crystals covering the floor, baking soda lumps and dried out balloons. I thank you for giving me this means of getting to know, so intimately, these special materials (lemons & vinegar & baking soda).

Beyond the support that FVL gave to my project, FVL has created a very special sense of well-being within the Studio Art department —this fund allows our courses, our professors and our community to be accessed by a wider population. In opening our community I am filled with a sense of pride for what we have in Fisher and UBS. Here we have true commitment from our peers and from our faculty, space and facilities to expand our understanding of material and technique, positivity, communication and support. Sharing classes with peers from all departments has widened my connection to Bard, and has allowed me access to more brains, more thoughts and ultimately more knowledge.